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Great One Liners

Now I have been using a webcam on yahoo for the the past 4 years.  I can remember the first time I got one.  All scared of people to see me and another way for them to make fun of ya.  Soon after that I learned the true evils of the yahoo webcam.  I just have to mention a few phrases and all women with a webcam on yahoo can go...."YUP!  Exactly Right" 

Lets cover these little phrases

Will you stand up?
Do you show?
Show me your tits!
Do you ever do anything fun on your webcam?
Yup for some c2c?

Granted at first these few request aren't much to either blow off or even do.  Sometimes it is fun to get a kick out of teasing so many men at one shot.   Wooo hooo Betty got 20 men drooling over her boobies!  But after that thrill wears off what is left?  Not a whole hell of a lot.  

Some of my favorite responces would be.

I can't stand up, I'm Duct taped to the chair.
Sorry, the oompa loompas might try to invade my ass again if I were to stand up.
I would get naked for ya... but I wouldn't want to make you puke.
tits?   I'm a guy you IDIOT!

Normally for the fun part on cam I put on my Hard Hat and big sunglasses! 

Now that is a turn on folks!!!!

You can find me on Yahoo on my webcam pretty offten.  Look me up as CrzyBetty


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