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Random Stuff
Alot of times I just come across random funny shit or a friend will send me something that is just great.  

Now for the first random item.... the Double Shocker.  A good friend of mine was kind enough to show this to me.  Ohhhh the memories of the Double Shocker!!! 

I found this great blog that has all kinds of crazy stuff on it.

A Limo Jet.  Yeah...This thing is pretty damn cool  I would go for a spin in it!

So where do all the dead people on go???

For geeks like me... you will love this and want this.  flashbag

Ya know just the other day I was thinking about other ways to tie my shoes... now I know how!  16 Different ways to tie shoelaces

I wish I could do origami like this!!!  origami Joel

Very cool Honda Commercial!!  Click on Watch and just listen and be amazed.

This gave me a headache... but it is very cool!  Four eyes mind fucking pic

Tap a song with your space bar and have this site guess it.  Song Tapper

I have spent the past week looking at this site and watching the videos.  I must say... I wish I could be a funny as these guys.  Don and Murph

This is just fantastic!  The dancing outlaw.   There are two videos here you need to watch if you enjoy a good old hillbilly.  Jesco White - The Dancing Outlaw

Sometimes beards can be great stuff.  I'm almost jealous that I'm a girl and can't grow facial hair like this.  Anyway...introducing...Splitting Hairs the movie   and also check out World Beard Championships

Now this is an item I wouldn't mind having.  Apron of Flesh Be fun to wear to a family BBQ.

Soooo ever want to know how to cook an alien??  Well now well now we know how to.  How to cook and Alien

 Call me crazy... but I just can't help but laugh when I watch this video.  They are made of meat

Should we be worried?  Like really worried???  PA Pandemic Prepardness

GREAT VIDEO! Evolution of Dance   I laughed and unfortunately was able to relate.

ask a ninja?  hmmmmmm  what knowledge could a ninja know?   well lets find out Ask a Ninja

So I found proof of alien life.  It is an odd and strange condition, but if you ask me...these people have been infected with an alien body.  It is right out of a sci fi movie.  Check it out Morgellons Disease

So do ya like 80's music?  Well I do... and nothing better than watching some music videos of 80's music

Want to know how to do something.  go to Wiki How  My personal favorite would be How to Street fight

This is very interesting for sure.  The Church of the Subgenius  Listen to the sounds of bob.  They remind me of some horror movie taken place in some asylum!   Listen to the voice in your head people...or better yet... bob!


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