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Great One Liners

Eating and listening to you is only one step away from eating you and listening to you
(Sooo many meanings to this one)

I wish I wasn't married so I could be with you

(yeah my stupid mistake of going out with a married guy!)

You are the type of girl guys fuck not the type we date

(Words to live by!!!!  I'm still trying to prove them to be untrue lol)

 Show me your junk

(Man I love this one!!   show me your junk!!!!  hahahaha  for some odd reason this one turns me on! )

mmmm you make me so horny when you smoke

(never again will I go out with a guy with a smoking fetish.  I can't smoke 2 packs a day and still have sex)

you have the personality of a skinny chick, too bad you are a squishy chick.

(hmmmmm  yes...deep down inside I'm skinny!!!  I do have abs ya know...they are just SHY!)

 I want you to stick the biggest thing you have up my ass

(he wanted me to put a soup can up there!!!!)

 ohhh you love getting fucked by this older cock don't you!

(Ohhh yes daddy!!!  hahahaha  ahhh to be young again)

Ohhh... I think i'm going to cum watching you suck that popsicle

(men are just tooo easy!)

 I would date you, but you are so big i'm scared you will hurt me.

(Well I haven't squashed anyone yet.   hahaha  Poor little guys!!! )

You know I'm the best fuck you'll ever have

(You all think that right???)

Ok i'm going to go to the bathroom and when I come back i'm going to pleasure you...

(The poor guy was soo nervous!  But had to be one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said to me!  Very heart felt!)

How do I say this nicely, I have never been with a fat woman before.

(Yeah well I never fucked a fat man either)

please will you suck my cock again...I won't ask ever again

(He is still asking!!!!!  The answer is NOOOOO!)

 want me to dance for you

(I'm still trying to block the images from my mind)

Look my cock isn't even hard yet.

( shouldn't of been hard!  we didn't even do anything!!)

but you just make me so horny baby

(Yeah I do that to everyone...what can I say)

Will you suck my cock forever

(Nah...remember the rules!!!  One per customer)

I want to fuck you because you have the hips for fucking!

(Really...I never knew!!!  This must be why so many men want me! lol )



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