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my midget obsession

So many of you have asked what the deal with midget is.... really is just an on going joke I have in my life.  It all started with my quest to find an asian midget.  Lets think about it now...  is possible to have an asian midget?  They are already pretty small to start with.  could there really be an asian midget???   So with just moved onto bigger and smaller things.   I'm a taller girl of 5'10" and I always tend to find guys that are shorter than me.  In my book if a guy is 5'7" or shorter I'm going to call him a midget!   Titty high baby!!! 

Now have I ever really had a midget?  Nah....not yet.   But I'm still young yet!!!  I may have myself that asian midget just yet!

I had asked my father to build me a little shed to store some tools and odd and ends in.  What did I get?  I got the midget outhouse!!!

Now yes this is in my backyard!!!  I do use it...but not as a real outhouse.

Now I found these on Google Video.  

Finally!!!!  I think I may of found my Asian Midgets!!   Check out this video Midget Thaiboxing

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