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Home Schooling

NEWS FLASH!!!  The world is coming to an end as we know it.  It isn't due to global warming or war.  Nope.... it is due to the fact the stupid have taken over.   Granted the stupid have been have had position of power for a long time now..... but now they are breeding even more and home schooling their children.  Lets us think about this now.   Hmmmm stupid with home schooling.   Progress is in rewind right now.   Two steps forward and one huge step backwards.    As we all know I talk to people of all IQ levels for a living for my job.  Not many pass the intelligence of my dog or the strange fungus i have growing on my big toe.   But it is these people that are home schooling their children. 

Now there is nothing at all wrong with homeschooling...I am all for it in some cases.  However, I do have a slight problem with it when the parent have trouble understanding the world around them and refuse to keep and openminded to it.    Most of us has a pretty good sense of logic.  Logic is what helps us make our day to day decisions and keeps up at the top of the food chain.  Feel free to disagree with me on this at any time! 

Lets take a look at logic here.... If you have a hard time understanding the next few things here...  well..use your own sense of logic and figure it out!!!

Now because I work in the IT field...I love to use references I see everyday at work.... 

no dial tone..... are on dial up and try to get on your precious internet.  And get this message... "NO DIAL TONE"  oh my god! the world is going to end right???  NO!!! 
For those of you that are logically challenged I'll give you multiple choice as to what to do...

A.  You instantly pick up your phone to check for a dial tone

B.  You frantically look for your  ISP phone number to call and scream that their service is down again

C.  You look and make sure the phone cord is plugged into the PC.

D.  Call your ISP on your cell phone because you know your phone service is down and want to find out why in the hell it says no dial tone.

If you would answer with either A or C then you are above the rest of the world!     Now... for B and many times a day do I hear this???  Enough for me to see a comeback for Velcro very very soon.

Now those that answered B and D are the ones I'm talking about that SHOULD NOT home school there children.  Infact... they shouldn't even have children.   I know I really isn't the parent teaching the child in most cases of home schooling... but it is the fact that this child is only surrounded for their logically challenged parent.   They will have no chance to see the world a different way or experience different views beyond a book.   True knowledge comes from experience and variety. 

Ok enough ranting on this one..... you get my point.  So please...for the sake of my own children...if your stupid..DON'T HOMESCHOOL!!!     

hahaha I almost sound like Bob Barker.....  remember to spay or neuter your pets!! 


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