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Betty Stories
The Note in the Parking Garage...

April 15, 2005

So one of the guys I work with comes into work with this note he found in the parking garage the night before.  The note was addressed "ladies"  and said "Middle age man seeks discrete submissive lady 18-50 for bondage and hardcore sex.    email: ....

Sooo... me being the crazy girl I am and the guys at work knowing I would write this guy back... they showed me the note.   And damn right the right the first thing I did was send this guy a little note.

I wrote him

"I found your what?"

That night I got this reply   

The offer in the note is legitimate.
I'm looking for a lady who enjoys sex, and would like
to be tied, played with and fucked.
The now what is that we correspond a bit to learn a
little about each other.
I'll describe myself, warts blemishes and all.
You do the same. If we're both still interested, we'll
meet somewhere public. After that, who knows?
You game?

A couple of questions to start. For my own safety, how
old are you?
Where did you find my note?
What part of WB do you live? (Use a close land-mark.
For example, I live near the Stegmeyer Building.)
What was your reaction when you found my note?

Back in my dating days, I noticed that the ladies most
compatible with me were avid daily masturbaters. Are
Where would you like this to lead, what are you into?
Inexperience is OK, a virgin is OK. I say this so you
don't think you need to fake.
What are some of the things you'ld like to do or have
done to you?

So after I got this I had to go into work and double check the employee directory to make sure this isn't some guy I work with.  He did leave his name on the email.  How silly of him.   But I didn't find him in the employee directory.

Update!! April 16, 2005

So I sat around for a bit to try and figure out how I should replay back to him.  Should I act myself... the bondage experienced freak...or should I play the role he wants....   this was my reply back to him.

Hello there,
I have to say I have never done anything like this at all.  But I found your note in my parking garage and I have always been interested in bondage.   I figured I would take a chance and email you.
So with that said my experience level is at a bare min with bondage.   
Just thinking about being tied up and touched and fucked really hard makes me want to and masturbate right then and there.  My boyfriend refuses to try anything out of the norm with me and I am getting very tired of this.  I need to experiment.  Nothing worse than a man that can't meet a girls sexual needs right?  I have a very high sex drive and do masturbate daily...normally 3 times or more.    
I had one boyfriend that would tie me up and fuck me.  That is about my extent of bondage.  I always loved it and wanted more.  To be tied up by a man and used and degraded like a whore.  Now that is what I want.
Now down to the basics of things. 
myself, I live outside of Wilkes Barre.  I'm 26,  around 5'10", reddish long hair, brown eyes, pierced tongue and nipples.  Very easy on the eyes. 
Now I'm curious... why a note?  were you seeking anyone in particular to find it? 
anyway...write back with any questions you may have.

I think that should get a rise out of him.   We will just have to wait and see what the reply is!!!!

Update!!  April 17, 2005

OK, I got his reply this it is. 

Hello back,

Unless you're a fiction designed to play with me (I
don't get the feeling you are), you seem to be exactly
the type of lady I hoped would respond.
You sound lovely, in fact perhaps a bit out of my
I, also, have never done anything like this.

Well, I used the note for 3 reasons. First, I've been
out of the dating loop for about 10 years. I seem to
be leaving a long term monogamous relationship.
Second, I sort of hoped I'd stike-out and not get any
responses (although I'm now glad you did respond.).
And last, most of the women I know to be interested in
me, also know my S/O. I don't want her hurt. (So you
know, she has asked me repeatedly to leave. We no
longer have a physical relationship, by her choice.)
You are the first, and so far only one to respond.

You have a boyfriend? :^(
O.K. I need to let you know right now that I wouldn't
want to be the cause of any break-ups or stressed
relationships. You probably won't believe me, but that
would bother me. If you take a chance with me, you'll
most likely learn why I feel this way.
Do you live with this boyfriend? I find it hard to
believe that any man could turn down any request made
by his lady. Any interest you'ld like to explore
should never be considered out of the norm, especially
if a man cares about you. To me you are very normal.

You say you experienced bondage with a previous
boyfriend and wanted more. More of the same, or more

If you truly wish to be tied used and degraded like a
whore, please give me the opportunity to give you that
pleasure. I may not be the best fuck in the world, but
I can perform on demand, (yes, even when I'm not 'in
the mood'), and can still get it up several times a
day. I have many ideas, and won't disappoint you. I
promise to make you feel as much a whore as you want.

I take it you work in Wilkes-Barre. I have a good idea
where. I walk a lot, and I'm in that area almost
daily. You've probably seen me. Although what you look
like isn't of extreme importance to me, I'd like to
get a peek at you. I've decided to stay away from that
area, until I have your permission to get that look.
If you allow it, I certainly won't hide from you and
wouldn't think of approaching you.

You have piercings? Tell me the truth, is it a sexual
thing? And would you ever consider labia rings?

Now on to me. I'm going to be very honest, but I'd
still love to fuck you if you'ld give me the chance.
I'm 42, 5'8", brown hair (graying, slightly receding),
blue eyes, and about 15 lbs. over weight. My doctor
tells me I'm very health. (Must be all that walking.)
I don't consider myself to be handsome, but my female
acquaintances say I'm very 'nice' looking. (OK, I
think I'm ugly.) I try to be romantic, and although I
appear to be spontaneous I usually have things well
thought out. I love to perform oral on ladies I trust.
As of now, I'm out of work, but I prefer to be
employed and soon will be. I don't sleep very much, so
I'm available anytime you need.

And now the bad news. I don't live alone, so I was
hoping for someone who had their own place to play.
Is that a problem?

I have one question so unimportant, you need not
answer it if it offends you.
What is your ethnicity?

I have only 4 important questions.
Just how submissive are you (or want to be)?
Would you mind if I shaved you? (Yah, down where your
panties cover.)
Is all this getting you excited?
And is Betty your real name?
Mine is John.

I can hardly wait to have you tied before me, begging
to be fucked.


Update!!  April 18, 2005

So after some careful thought at work.... this is the reply I came up with.  Now I wanted to really get the "turn on" factor going.  I just hope i didn't come on too strong and scare him away.  hahaha

Hello John,
Yes my real name is Betty.  You don't hear that name often for a girl my age. 
So I have to ask, why do you feel as if I am out of your league?  If it is the age difference that is not a problem for me.   We could take part in a few more of my fantasies then.  I look young for my age.  Most people don't believe me when I tell them I'm 26.  They assume I'm 20 or younger.  
So did you put any other notes out to be found?  How long was it there?  I guess you could say this is fate taking part in things huh?  Me in need of being tied down and  molested and used and you looking for someone to tie down and molest and use :)
Yes I have a boyfriend, but no need to worry about him. I have become bored with his bedroom behavior and he will shortly be out the door.   I live alone, so if something does come out of this I do have a place to play.
Now I may not have much experience with bondage, but I have looked into it and read alot about it over the years.   What I want is to experience it all.  I am not a huge fan of some things are restricted with me.   However, tie me up, gag me, and push me around.  I want to be forced to do things, totally degraded...   I just want to experience the Master/Sub lifestyle for once.    
So what are some of the thing you would like to try?  And don't be shy about anything you want to try with me.    I would love to do some role playing.  With our age difference...we could do my father daughter fantasy.  Me dressed up in my little school girl skirt, pig tails, with a big lolly pop....and you daddy coming home finding me there being naughty.   or even sleeping...and you coming into my room, pinning me down and having your way with me.     So what would you enjoy trying?
Now as for getting a peek at me, I am still a little uncomfortable about that.   I need to make sure and be able to trust you before we can do anything.   After all... I did just find some strangers note and write them. hahaha   But that will all come in time... for now we need to just exchange emails and get a feel for one another.
As for the piercings... I didn't get them done for sexual reasons...but I can say..they do help me out in that area.   Have you ever had a blow job with a pierced tongue?   If you have and didn't really enjoy it or notice a difference...then the right person didn't do it.   I worked hard to learn the art of giving a blow job with a pierced tongue.  and when I say is just that.   I have always tried very hard to please my man sexually and personally...I love to give blow jobs and with the degrading aspect of it all...I love facials.
I have thought about getting the hood piercing for sometime now.  but it would also cut down into my sex and masturbation time of about 6 weeks.  But someday I am sure I will have it done.
As for my Ethnicity...  I am just your average run of the mill mutt with very pale skin.  But I'm working on getting a tan!!
Ok..your very important questions...
Normally I am a very dominating person, but as it says..those who are dominating all the time want to let go of the control and be controlled themselves.   So I would like to be very submissive... a slave to my master.   But perhaps at sometime also try the Domme role.  Would you ever consider being a sub?  Having a woman dominate you and using your for her ever need?
Sure you can shave me... it would save me the work!!  :)
So in your next email...tell me a scenario you would like to happen.  Lets see if you can make me as excited as I got writing this email.  :)
Dripping with Excitement,

Update April 19, 2005

Ok... here is the awaited response to my last is...ummm graphic!  hahaha

I'm glad I'm doing this! If you are for real, you are
much more than I had hoped for!

When I was a child, I use to fantasize about a
character in Archie Comics named Betty Cooper. I have
a lot of memory triggers, and even to this day I find
the name Betty very arousing. Can such a seemingly
'plain' name be considered erotic? I say yes.

Your age is not an issue with me. It's just that due
to issues in my personal life, I've sort of neglected
myself in ways I shouldn't have. I just hope these
repairable things haven't made me untouchable to the
type of lady I need. That's what I meant by out of my
league. My S/O is 12 years my junior.

Yes, I did put out other notes to be found. About 25
of them by the time I got your response. I stopped
putting them out when I got your e-mail, mostly
because it scared me that I actually got a response.
But also because I'm monogamous by nature, and I don't
want to string along several ladies only to disappoint
most of them when it comes time to choose.

I'm not super experienced in B&D, but I have
experimented. And like you, I have investigated the
scene quit extensively. One thing you haven't
mentioned yet, I do understand the inherent dangers in
B&D play and I am very concerned with safely while in
scene. That said, I absolutely dislike inflicting
pain, especially on women. I'm just not into that. I
will respect your restrictions.

What is your position on the use of toys? Dildo's,
vibrators and the like.

> I would love to do some role playing.
> With our age difference...we could do my father
> daughter fantasy.  Me dressed up in my little school
> girl skirt, pig tails, with a big lolly pop....and
> you daddy coming home finding me there being
> naughty.   or even sleeping...and you
> coming into my room, pinning me down and having your
> way with me.
Also, the daughter seduces dad, 'forgetting' her
panties and flashing him at every opportunity.
Dropping her towel as she leaves the shower. Molesting
HIM as he sleeps. Innocently saying provocative

Rape fantasies? I always hoped to meet a lady who
wanted me to rape her. (Gently)

I understand your being nervous about my getting a
look at you. After all, I could be the new Ted Bundy.
No peeks until you say. E-mailing you, and waiting for
your response is becoming quit exciting, and even a
bit satisfying.

Sure, I actually I might enjoy subbing for you at some
time. I actually have two decidedly un-masculine
fantasies, one of which has me being very submissive
to a lady. Just understand that I am just leaving a
long term relationship where I have basically been
dominated for my S/Os pleasure,but without the sex. So
we'd need to ease into it.

As for things I'd like to try, you pretty much covered
about 75% of it in your e-mail.
The thought of giving you a facial almost gave me a
pants full! I can't wait to feel your tongue on my
cock. Semi-public sex kind of turns me on. Something
like fingering you durning diner at a restaurant, a
hand-job at a movie theater, a blow-job in a deserted
parking lot, a quickie in the ladies room.

I'm very flexible, and will try anything you want to
try. No other men though. Any thing else, and I do
mean ANYTHING, is a go for me.

You want to be forced, I understand that. Please don't
mistake my being a gentleman now for not having the
ability to take over. Once you give me the OK, there
will be no 'No'. And I'll have you on your knees
naked, begging for things you never imagined you'ld

Now for the scene you asked for, basically this is a
story I wrote sometime ago. I edited to include father
daughter role play, as well as bondage. It was written
in the first person, from the girls view point, so I
left it that way. The bi part of it was written
because I was upset with my S/O at the time. I left it
in because the scene sort of fell apart without it.
Let me know your reaction to it.

Father's Sex Slave


I know I am a sexual slave, but I wouldn't change it
for the world. It all started back when I was fifteen.
Sure, I had been out with boys, but I was still a
virgin and really pretty innocent at the time. I did
know what it was to get hot through and through every
night. I would strip naked, lie on my back with my
legs spread, and masturbate. One day while I was doing
just that, the door to my room opened and there stood
my dad.

I got this sinking feeling in my gut. I didn't know
what to do and all I could say was "Don't tell Mom."
He said he wouldn't and then came and sat on the edge
of my bed. He put his hand on my thigh and slowly slid
it up to my cunt. I gasped when he touched me and he
asked if I liked that. I said I did and he began to
finish me off, all the time telling me what a mean
little body I had. (I do have, too!) I came like a
cannon and he said he would come back and do me the
next night too. This went on for a week but I always
had to be at the ready if I wanted it. I had to be
naked, on my back, knees up, and legs spread when he
came into the room. He said I would have to earn my
fun, and he pulled his cock out of his pants. Can any
girl forget her first sight of a cock? It looked so
big, stiff, mean, and hard, and I was fascinated by
it. He told me to touch it and I could hardly believe
how soft the skin was, especially at the tip. Then he
told me to put it in my mouth and suck it.

I could barely get it into my mouth. He told me to
take as much in as I could and suck on it and move my
tongue over it. He told me to play with his balls and
suck then too and he taught me how to jack him with my
hand while I was sucking him. He would say "Be ready
to swallow, because I'm coming."It would gush down my
throat, so salty, and I wasn't really ready for it. If
some slipped out of the side of my mouth, he told me
to lick that up with my fingers. As he masturbated me
he told me that when I could swallow every drop I
would get a surprise.

Now he would come into my room and sit on the edge of
the bed and I would kneel between his legs, naked, and
put a collar an leash around my neck. Then I'd take
out his cock and suck him off. Sometimes he'd guide me
with the leash. Sometimes he would reach down and play
with my titties while I sucked. One night I kept down
every drop of his come. He gave me a surprise. He
produced several lengths of rope and lashed my hands
together. Leading me to my bed, he guided me onto my
back and tied the trailing end of the rope to the bed
frame, forcing my hands above my head. He then used
two more lengths to tie my legs bent so my heels
almost touched my butt. A last length of rope went
from one knee, passed under the bed and was tied off
at my other knee, holding my legs wide open. He got
down and ate me through two orgasms. It was the
greatest thing that had ever happened to me.

A couple of days later he came in and I sucked him off
and then he ate me. Then he said, "I guess you know
what's left." I said I did. He told me, "If you want
it, ask for it." I said I wanted it. He said, "What?"
Finally I said, "I want you to stick it in me. I want
to get fucked by you." All this time he was sucking my
titties and masturbating me, so my words came out
pretty jumbled as I was coming. After a bit of complex
lashing and tieing, I was bound firmly to my bed in
such a way that my chest was pushed firmly into the
matress, and my ass was high in the air with my pussy
spread open wide. It was then that he slipped his cock
up my cunt.

I was surprised, because I thought it would hurt lots,
but it just pinched a little. I'm pretty small so he
got in pretty deep that way. I just loved the feeling
of him slamming into my cunt. I came again like a

This went on for a couple of months and then my father
got a new job. He didn't come and see me that much
anymore. I was pretty depressed by that. But one day
he asked me if I wanted to go out that night, I said I
would, but it had been about two months since our last
fuck, so I didn't expect anything sexual. I thought it
was over. Well, he drove me to a strip joint, and I
said I wasn't going in. But he said that I would if I
wanted it that night. I needed it so bad that I didn't

We got a table by the stage. A girl came out and began
to dance and I started to get turned on. It wasn't by
the sight of the girl but the thought of what it would
be like to strip in front of all those guys. I doubted
I would have the guts, but it turned me on to think
about it. I got butterflies in my gut and a twinge in
my cunt when she showed her titties, and then I was
really squirming when she got down to her G-string and
guys started shoving money into it.

We watched some more girls and my dad told me to take
notice of the one I thought was the best. Finally a
girl did a real good dance and I told him so. He told
me to remember what she did. We waited until she came
on again and he gave me a dollar and told me to put it
in her G-string. I didn't want to, but he said if I
did I would get an extra special fucking that night.
When the girl finally came over, she looked a bit
surprised to see another woman, but she turned her bum
to me and bent over and looked at me between her legs.
I pulled the strap down and was about to slip the
dollar under it when she stepped back and made my hand
slip down on her cunt. She stood up and laughed at me
and I took off out of there.

When we got home I got fucked as promised. Then he
told me that Mom was going away for the weekend and so
he would like to see me do a striptease. I was to get
my costumes together and he would get the music ready.
He fucked me every night for the rest of the week and
I was bound and chained in every imaginable way, just
like before.

On Saturday night his secretary came over and he said
she would watch too, because she didn't want to go
into a strip place but had always wondered what it was
like. I didn't want her around but he talked me into
it by telling me how she and her dad had been fucking
for years, by masturbating me and promising me a good
fucking. I got a real rush out of doing it. I watched
their eyes when I took off my top and later when I
took off my bottoms.

My dad's secretary then said that she would take some
pictures of me. She had a Polaroid camera. My father
began tieing and positioning me while she took shots.
I wasn't too sure of it at first, but I soon got into
it. Pretty soon I was masturbating for the camera.
Then she asked if I wanted to take pictures of her.
She had a pretty mean body too and was quick to get
the hang of it. My father grabbed the camera and told
us to go at it together. She put her arm around me
before I could object, bent down, and sucked one of my
titties. My father told her to masturbate me. I didn't
like it at first but started to come after a while.
Then she ate me, and the next thing I knew I was doing
it to her. Her titties were so soft and her cunt
tasted too good for words. I even swallowed every drop
of her juice.

God I love to fuck my dad, and can't what to be tied
at his feet, dripping wet and begging to be fucked.



So.... how did we all like that email?  getting a little hot in here!!!!  haha  ok now with my reply back

Hello again John!
I must say... that story was very... well... I'll give you 1 guess as to what I had to do after I read it!!! :P
Alot of people instantly find me a turn on when they find out my name.  A real Betty Boop or I like to think of Betty Page! 
So I have to ask how you seemed to neglect yourself.  Are you speaking sexually? 
how many times a day do you masturbate?  Have you masturbated thinking about any of these emails yet?  I sure have!
About the notes...those are no different than personal ads now a days.  I moved out here about 3 years ago and had no other way of meeting people with work.  So would just look around at the personal ads and the yahoo groups.  One thing I had always wanted was a guy that I could dress up like my own little slut and have my way with.  Granted that isn't for everyone... but nothing turned me on more at the time than a guy in thigh highs and a little skirt!!!  As much as I love being some guys slut...I like a man to be mine.
Also...I may not be very experienced in Bondage...I have had my experiments.  I am the type of girl that wants to try so many different thing but also seem to be limited by the men I'm with.  I had my fun with women back in my college years and now a days I really don't feel like playing with them.  However..I still like to look and kiss them!   
As you were saying about the semi public...  I have always wanted to give a guy a hand job while out to dinner or slip under the table for a quick blow job.  ooops... I dropped my fork :P let me go get that!   Or perhaps a strip club! 
As for toys!!!  Bring them on!!!!!!!!!!!!   I have this butt plug I have named Herman!  He is a big boy...and damn do I love him up my ass!  Too bad the current boyfriend isn't into such things and Herman doesn't get to come up and play much.  Other than that...bring it on!   
So what are you thoughts on a goth girl?  any particular look you like to another?  school girl? nurse? nun even?  I always thought it would be great to have a porn site of me dressing up like different things and giving blow jobs or having sex.  that or just going to a bar and talking some guy into going into the bathroom with me to give him a blow job and having him take pics of me while I did it. 
Yeah I know I'm a bit on the wild side... but we all get that way with a fantasy.   It is ok to think about somethings...just not ok to act on them.   Too bad society places too much of a slut role on women when we want to get naked and have a little fun :P
Now... about the pain..I don't like a lot...but I do love to be spanked!  But not with a bare hand... a wooden ruler!   Just bend me over your knee, lift my skirt, tug at my thong and give me a few good wacks!  OHHH DADDY YES!
Oh boy...I have gotten myself excited here...
I think I better go and take care of a few things!
Please tell me more about what you would do me...
Your little whore,

UPDATE!! April 20, 2005
Now after a good nights rest!  I wake up to find this in my inbox...  It looks as if we have him hooked folks!!

Hello Betty,

Your last e-mail really knocked me off my seat!
It's like you're inside my head. Are you psychic or
something? At the moment, I'm very confused. It's not
every day someone can do that to me. In fact, it's
been about 25 years! I had to take a three hour walk
just to sort things out.

God, I want you so bad. It's about all I think of now.
To tear your cloths of and take you in all the ways
you've wished for. I have my cock in hand right now,
imagining your mouth wrapped around it!

I'm glad you liked my story so much. I've decided to
write one especially for you, would you like that?

Well, I'm not big on solo masturbation, and it's been
a while, but since you found my note I've been
jerking-off about 5 to 6 times a day. And always once
or twice after I read your e-mails.

I thought 'Betty Page' too, but figured her to be an
archaic reference, considering your age. I understand
her franchise continues, and there are many people out
there using her persona. But when I think of Mz Page,
I think of the one and only original. You have a
unique intelligence. Finally a lady I can have actual
conversations with!

I'm not very comfortable telling anyone this, and it's
only been about a year that I've had these feelings.
But I've been experimenting a little with CGing. I was
surprised to learn how many hetero men get into womens
cloths. And yes, I have a secret partial outfit of my
own, thigh-highs and short skirt included. If femdom
is an interest of yours, then by all means such play
can be negotiated. Being submissive dosen't mean you
can't have your fun as well. Besides, I've heard it
said that the Master belongs to the slave, more than
the slave belongs to the Master. Believe me, apart
from the dislike of pain and a mild case of
homophobia, when it comes to sex, the stars are the
limit. Is that a spot? Let me lick your heels for you.

Visually, goth girls register high on my
erect-o-meter. I say visually because I know next to
zero about the life-style. Unless I have them all
wrong, I'm infinitely darker than any goth could be.
The short answer is goth girls absolutely turn me on,
and I sure would love to fuck one. Are you a goth
I'd love to have you dressed all those ways, and more.
Ever been a cheerleader? I wouldn't choose one look
over another. But my thoughts most often drift to
naughty school girl, and a traditional Carmalite Nun
in full Habit to defile an degrade.

This is getting really weird. I've always wished to
have a lady who would allow me to photograph her and
share our experiences with a web-page. I've had some
very unusual ideas about it. Stuff you don't see on
the 'net.

Spankings really have less to do with pain, and more
with degradation. You've expressed an interest in
being degraded, several times. I have no problem with
spanking you if you deserve it, has my little whore
been bad? Lift that little skirt for daddy.

I'd love to meet Herman. He deserves to be 'in' more.
He probably misses you. Ever where him out?

Betty, are you truly my little whore? I hope so.

If we met, could you talk like this in person?

Be honest, is this just a diversion, or are we working
towards getting together? You seem so perfect that
this dosen't seem real. (if it seems to good to be
true, it probably isn't)

Here is my reply to his email.  I even sent some pics of myself last summer all gothed out.  Granted the Pics don't really look like me...but hey...They are me..and i'm damn sexy!!!! 

Good Afternoon Master,

I am very happy that you were pleased with my email :)  And you are enjoying the thoughts of using me and treating me like your little whore.

Now I wouldn't say I'm psychic...however... I would say that I have done enough experimenting  and asked enough questions to know what a man wants and how he wants it.  I make a perfect slave by nature.  The type that wants to please and learn what pleases others.

So during your long walk what all did you think about?  Our emails aren't causing any problems for you are they?  Perhaps I'm coming on a little too strong?

As for the story... write me another one!  Perhaps one where were go out into public and you make me do different things.

So what do you like about wearing thigh highs and a skirt?  Do you like the feeling of the material?  or the sluty look it gives you?   Believe it or not but there are alot of guys out there that love to dress.  Of course most men will deny it, but given the right time and place most men will drop their guard and admit it.   I remember one guy I went to high school with.... I always wanted to see him in thigh highs and offered to do anything he wanted just to see him and touch him in them.   too bad he always turned me down.

Now... for the Goth Girl...  This I know alot about...and This fantasy I have made come turn for very many men.  Most people will associate the Goth girl with the naughty kinky girl.  A bondage freak, into pain and ultimate pleasure.  granted...that is sometimes always the case! :)   but that whole dark look or mystery gets them everytime.    Now... I do dress Goth!  I don't dress it as much as I use to or would like to.   Now and then I will get all dolled up and have a good time.   I have sent a few pics of myself last summer dressed in Goth.  Nothing revealing and my hair was Blonde back then.  Most people don't believe it is me when I dress is like I'm a whole different person.  I hope you enjoy them.

As for cheerleader!  Nothing sluttier than a cheerleader!  short skirt, pom poms and our panties around our ankles!!!  ohhhh fuck me under the bleachers!!!

The naughty nun!  I would do that.  I'm one sick minded girl.  hehehe

And photos... take as many as you want!  give me a facial..take a photo and frame that baby!

Herman is a special buttplug... he is curved for the pleasure of both holes. Sometimes it is too bad I have such a nice tight pussy... It starts to hurt a bit with Herman.  But no pain no gain!   Just lick me a little more...get me wetter and I'm ready to go!!!  Ohhh yes...and I do get very wet!!

Well John for the moment and in these emails I am your little whore!!   If the time comes and we were to meet, we can also talk like this in person. I have no problem speaking my mind about sex and the things I want to do. It tends to get me into trouble often!  :)  Would you be able to control yourself around me as I was talking about how much I love to give a blow job.   And that I wanted to get down on my knees right then and there and lick your cock up and down like a nice lolly pop.....  And then tell you my secret tricks to giving the perfect blow job with the use of my hands and the barbell in my tongue as an extra extension to my tongue?  Could you control yourself??  Or would you just throw me down right then and there....
Bind my hands behind my head and spread open my legs and...... just fill in the rest if you don't think you could control yourself........

Your very naughty school girl,

Here re the photos I sent!!



UPDATE!!!  April 22, 2005

Ok,  after the latest email I think I just may be in over my pretty little head.  I have him at the point that I want him however!!!  At the snap of my finger I could make him cum I'm sure!    Here is a photo he sent....  not the first time I have been told I look a bit like Christina Ricci.

Kneel before me whore,

Sorry for my delay in replying. Suddenly another lady
has replied to one of my notes, which threw me 'cause
I haven't placed any in a week. I had to think about
what I wanted to do about things.

I am pleased by all your emails. Especially your last
one. I was surprised by your photos. Not that you sent
them, but because your appearance in them is EXACTLY
one of the ways I imagined you. I had to masturbate
immediately, probably the the response you hoped for.
You are very hot, and I'll bet your just as hot
dressed vanilla. I was about to tell you that if you
resembled one particular person that I would
positively come and make you mine. Well, if you've
been honest about the experiences you'ld like to have,
I am going to take you, use you and make you a TRUE

Your every email to me convinces me of two things,
either we're perfect for each-other or you're an
extremely talented con-artist having a lot of fun at
my expense. It really does seem as if your reading my
mind. Not because your giving word to fantasies of
mine, but every time I open an email from you you
write something I'm about to write to you. I hope you
do make a perfect slave, it'll make it that much
easier for me to be the perfect slave for you.

My experiences with women has been very varied. And
I've fucked a lot of women, definitely a lot less than
I've bragged to friends about, but a lot more than I
deserved to. My success with women was not because I'm
a great lover, I'm not. It's not because I have a
giant cock, I don't. And it's not because I can go for
hours on a single 'load', I can't. ('though I can go 3
or 4 times a night with a patient lady.) My successes
came because I'm attentive to a woman's needs and at
least try to meet them. Sure I fail occasionally. But
even the consummate cock sucker you are will find it
difficult to get me off orally. (Yes, that's a
challenge. ;^) ) The point is I listen. Even ladies
who have no interest in me, discuss their sex lives
with me. And not because they're teasing me or trying
to arouse me, but because I used to have the
reputation as the goto guy when it came to sexual
information, and that I am honest (which seems to be
my downfall).

My long walk. Well as walks go it was one of my
shorter ones. I thought about you. My biggest fear is
that you're really 4 college guys with good
imaginations and a lot of time on their hands. I've
been without female companionship in the physical
sense for a long time. So, I sort of take you and our
emails seriously, which I guess was the point of all
those notes. I've hinted at the fact that I'm
co-habitating, and I am. But, that pussy is just going
to waste. Also, I thought I was coming on to strong to
you, and would scare you off. I tried imagining what
you look like. Then I thought about fucking you, and
licking you, and shooting a big sticky wad all over
your lovely face, committed sacrilege by whacking off
at the Grotto over by the courthouse, came home, then
came at home while reading your email a second time.

What kind of trouble could our emails possibly cause?

Your story is in the works. I was thinking something
along the lines of a fictional prediction of our first
meeting. Hey!, that sort of fits right in with your
suggestion! When it's done, you own it. Consider it a
dozen roses from me to you.

The CD thing. Well, there is a sad story connected to
that, but that can wait until we've actually met. The
truth is, I've probably always been attracted to
cross-dressing. I remember dressing as a ballerina for
Halloween a couple of times. These where actual
outfits, my sisters took dance at the time. I remember
wearing nylon panties to school a couple of times, and
even a bra once. And I vaguely remember wearing a
bikini, that a girlfriend had given me as a 'trophy',
to bed on a dare, and LOVING it.
I've been experimenting with dressing for about 6
months. Currently, I own a partial outfit, including
thigh-highs and a short skirt. How does it feel to
wear them?....natural, even normal. Does that seem
weird? And yes, the feel of the fabrics do have a lot
to do with it. The satiny smoothness of nylons and
nylon panties. The flirty cling of the skirt. The
tight fit of some pieces is very...captivating. I
believe that a lot of women are into bondage and just
don't realize it.
A quick look in any clothing store, even places like
K-Mart and Sears, proves my point. Tight fitting,
clingy and even revealing clothing plays a large roll
in most fashion lines created for women. Are sexual
feelings involved when I dress? You tell me, how do
you feel in a short skirt, nylons and heels?
I'd absolutely dress for you, without a moments

I don't associate goth-girls with naughty or kinky.
The few I've had contact with seemed to have this
'life sucks, so have fun and do what feels good'. That
is a turn-on for me, because basically life does suck.
The pictures you sent sort of made me a tiny bit
nervous. First because in them you don't look anywhere
near 26, or even 20. Second, you are very, god-damned,
fucking HOT!! It's that out of my league thing again.
Next, in those pics, you do look amazingly close to
one of the ways I imagined you. And last, when I
looked at those pictures right before writing this, I
got the impression that I've see you somewhere a lot.
And not dressed goth. It was the weirdest feeling that
I noticed you and you noticed me.

Take a look in Toys'R'Us or WalMart. Even the pom-poms
made for little girls have dildo shaped handles.
Things that make you go, "hmmm..". And just why do
they practice all those splits with such enthusiasm?
It pays to advertise, perhaps?
I'll fuck you under, behind, bent over and tied to the

You'ld make a wonderful Nun, Sister Mary Lickmyclit.

I've got about 1,758 pictures from BearShare and other
places on the 'net. My goal now is to replace everyone
of them with pictures of you. So I hope that was a
genuine offer. The one of you wearing my facial will
have a special place in my wallet.. "hey guys, I've
got this special friend with benefits, wanna see her

I hate to say this, but god am I desperate to meet you
face to face. Bet I get a hardon before you ever open
your pretty little mouth. You might want to bring a
change of cloths (panties optional), just in case I
can't control myself and tear the first outfit off. As
for telling me about your secret tricks, a friend of
mine used to say "Don't sing it, bring it." I think
all you'ld need to say is 'hello', and I'd do my best
to fill you in.

Well, I think I'll get another look at your pics, and
hit .... something.

Your waiting Master.

Now after reading this... I want to know who is emailing him.  I have had a few people tell me that I should start a 2nd story line saying I found another one of the notes.  My gut tells me someone that knows about this is emailing him.   Hmmmmm......  You better not rat me out bitches!!! hahahaha 


So you have another play toy now huh?  Do you think she could be a better little whore than me?  I would like you to keep talking to her...and let me know what I would need to do to be better than her.  Tell me the things she wants you to do to her...  Did I mention I was a big voyeur?  As much as I like to be used..I love even more so to watch another woman be used and degraded.   For example...telling her you are going to fuck her in the ass because she is a dirty little slut!  When I watch porn... if the girl isn't being used like that..I don't even get excited. 

ohhhh I'm all worked up!
I am pleased that you are pleased by my emails and very happy with the photos.  It makes me very happy ;)
I have put some new photos in for you.  I took them lastnight thinking about my little school girl skirt and my as I like to call them... spank me panties.  Everytime I have them on I just want to be spanked!!  I hope you enjoy those just as much.
So would you ever want to watch me please another man?  How about a glory hole?  I could give another man a blow job as you are fucking me from behind!  Or would you just like to sit and watch as another man has his way with me after you tied me down and just left me there for the taking?
As for the college guys...most are not patient enough to do what I want done.  Sure they will willingly degrade me and use me like a dirty whore that I am...but it won't be done to my liking.   The biggest thing about a dom/sub relationship is the respect between the two.  With no respect in the type of relationship..then there isn't a safe feeling and you can't fully enjoy yourself.   If I really wanted that...I could just get any guy off the street to fuck me and use me...bring some friends into the mix and then go about my day after.  But would I really enjoy it?
So where about in Grotto did you do your dirty deed?  Were you excited to do it like that in public?  I hope you came alot thinking about me!  Perhaps sometime we could be out....and you tell me to go into the bathroom and masturbate thinking about you..then come out so you can lick my fingers right there after I did that. 
I can't wait to read your story for me!  I'm sure I'll be gushing after I read it!!!!
When it comes to the nylons and short skirts, tight tops and heels... this is how I like to think about it.  When I dress goth... I dress sexy...  When you dress feel sexy and empowering.  It makes you want to do things to people and to yourself. 
As I had said before..I do look rather young.  Most people do not believe me when I tell them I'm 26.  It works out for the good though...  The father daughter fantasy can work, the naughty school girl, the slutty cheerleader!  All I have to say to that on my knees is... BARELY LEGAL!!
It is possible that I could of seen you or you have seen me in passing.  It is a small world after all.  Most of the people I notice are just the bums or the crazy folks on the square. 
Ya made the comment of putting a picture of me with your cum all over my face in your wallet..and showing it to your friends.... I read that and just got all excited!!  I like to be looked at...I like the idea of knowing someone is showing me off like that.   Other men thinking I'm a whore like that.  Asking you if they can get some from me..and you making the choice of saying yes or no because I belong to you.    me coming home someday to find you there with a smile on your face.... "Betty dear, I have a surprise for you!"   I'm blind folded, lead to a room, tied up and find not just your cock in me..but another! 
I am not would be into that... but it is something I would like and with all types of pictures too!
So you aren't going to make it hard for me to get you off huh??  not putting up much of a challenge for me here. hehehe  I have a must control yourself for the first 20 mins.  After that..all bets are off :)  But I am still just not ready for that yet... in time...just be patient.
Dripping from this Email,

Here are the photos  I sent.


Later that day I got a reply.... could  I be found out????

I'll be writing my regular email later tonight.
But I'm curious, what do you do for a living?
Not where, just what.

You want me to write lady 2?

Pictures, VERY Hot!!!

I'm just going to ignore the email and wait for a normal one.  Maybe he will forget he asked! hahaha

UPDATE!! April 25, 2005

ohhh boy oh boy.. what have I gotten myself into here.  Over the weekend I got 3 emails from our good buddy John.  Before I comment too much on them... here they are...

My pretty little cock washer,

So, you've been naughty at work, have you? Do you
carry a toy, or was this a spur of the moment
finger-job? Here's a question I've asked many women,
and never got an answer. Do you taste yourself? I
wounder if any of your your co-workers find themselves
in need of attenetion after inadvertantly over-hearing
your break time fun? Your subject line put a smile on
my face. Your attachments, a big grin and a
big.........well, you get the idea.
WOW! Nice ass. Those are my absolute favorite style of
panty. To me, they're far sexier than thongs. The
first time we meet, I'd like you to be wearing those!

As of yet, I'm not so sure I do have a new play toy.
She hasn't writen back, 'tho I think she may be a bit
more carefull than you were. So, perhaps. You really
want me to write her? I swear, no one could ever be a
better whore than you! There is only one thing I wish
you would do.
What if she's willing to do it befor you? How would
you feel about that? Truthfully, I'm not sure I'd like
that. Would you like to literally watch? Considering I
could ever arrange it. It's been a while since I've
had enjoyable sex. Jerking-off is OK, but as I said
before, sex starts in the mind and I can't truely get
into the mind set without the presence of a arrouesed
woman. Don't be offended, you do 'do it' for me. It's
just that after I cum, emotionally I'm still aroused!
The physical act is there, but the mind set is missing
some data.
On the off chance that I haven't scared her away, if I
fuck her, I'll be thinking of you. If it happens, you
want to hear about the reality as well as the fantasy?

You'ld really allow me to share you with other men?
Have you ever experienced that?
I have.
My brother and I fucked his fiancee' silly, she loved
He loved it. They desperatly wanted to do it again. I
never got aroud to it, at the time getting whores was
not a problem for me. To bad, they're divorced now.
Perhaps I might have kept her from cheating on him had
she known there were two cocks waiting for her.
I've fantisized about owning a slut to share with or
give to other men, and frankly it does turn me on.
But, due to some real life trama I've experianced, we
would have to work up to that. It would take quit a
bit of time, if thats something you would really like.

I do respect you, and would make sure you allways felt
safe. I will do everything in my power to make sure
you ejoyed every experiance we had. And when you
decide we needed to go our seperate ways, or you fell
in love with someone, we'll hug, lie about keeping in
touch, and go one with our individual lives.

I didn't finish this, but I'm ending it anyway. I'll
explain when I write tonite.

Well that was email #1.  now for #2...

My lovely Betty,

I fell asleep while writing my last email to you, and
my S/O found out about you. Thats OK. No problem

Went out for a walk thinking about you, and
considering if I should continue pursuing you.
I wound-up at one at one of the parking garages that
I'd left notes at. (OK, the ONLY garage I'd left a
note.) I've come to the conclusion that you must want
me to pursue you. You're one hot lady, and the things
you've written are all the things I desperately want
to experience. I've been masturbating quite a lot
lately, something I normally don't an couldn't get
into. That's a good thing.
So, I'm at this garage at 8:45 AM on a Saturday,
thinking of you, jacking-off like crazy. I imagine you
walking by, catching me. Man, I shot one hell of a
power load all over Kamila Zaczkowska's face,
fantasizing it was you. She's a Weekender Model of the
week. Someones in for a surprise when they find that
paper with cum all over that picture.

No matter what, I do wish us to write to each-other.
And I intend to continue pursuing you until you ask me
to stop, or I have you tied and begging to be used.

When I began writing to you, I fully intended to be in
a physical relationship, had at least a
one-night-stand or been told to 'get lost freak'. I am
a no means no guy. I do not staulk people, unless they
want me to. So, I am beginning to wounder if I should
start looking for other ladies again.

This is just a best guess.
There are several possibilities;
1- This is just a diversion for you, a little e-sex,
safe and no contact. If so, cool by me. We keep
writing each other 'cause I am enjoying it, and I
continue my search for ladies.

2- You're not sure you really want your fantasies to
become reality. Also cool, see #1.

3- You're afraid you won't find me physically
attractive. Well, you probably won't, at first. But
whats the chance you'll find someone who's willing to
experiment the way you'ld like? I'm ready for anything
you want to do. ANYTHING.

4- You're afraid I may be a dangerous freak, and if
you meet me terrible things may happen. An intelligent
fear, you do need to be careful these days.

There is one last possibility, and I only consider it
because you've been slowly giving me a lot of
information about yourself and it seems as if you want
me to want you. With what you've given me, I could be
waiting for you after work on day.
I've experienced this last type of lady for the last
10 years, and mishandled the situation.
My S/O is a true submissive. She wants and needs to be
dominated by force. She can't give consent, because
the ability to say yes empowers her in a way that is
unacceptable to her true self. She can't even admit
what she is. I, on the other hand, am a 'safe'
dominate man. I'm concerned with the comfort and
pleasure of my partner. No means no, and stop means
First I'll explain how I know her to be what I term a
'true submissive'. Her favorite sexual positions are
missionary with her hands held forcefully above her
head. And doggy style, both ways she is only aroused
by HARD intercourse, and if fondled, it must be rough
hard squeezing especially around her breasts and
nipples. She loves giving blow-jobs. Her fantasies
always involve forced sex, rape and 'hard' bondage. In
the past, she's woke up aroused from 'nightmares'.
These dreams almost always involve being taken captive
in a public place, a diner, bank or grocery store.
Being bound or tied in someway, and forced by her
captors to have sex with a fellow 'victim', sometimes
a stranger and sometimes someone she/we know. I assume
I wasn't in these dreams because in her world I'm a
protector and wouldn't allow such things to happen.
She's an avid master bater. And her style of
masturbation must have always been forceful with a lot
of pulling. I know this because I was her first lover,
and she didn't "feel" like a virgin, even our first
time. I'm never allowed to see her when she self
pleasures, because she uses or becomes an alternate
personality. This is not a schizophrenic or split
personality. This is a conscious construct she uses
because all the female role models in her life has
taught her that women MUST be strong and independent,
therefore when she has her masturbatory fantasies,
it's not her, but Karen, the submissive, degraded
slut, her alternate personality.
Weird, huh? OK, I don't think it's weird, but you
But wait, it gets better!
Because being the gentleman viking that I am, I really
can't satisfy her true needs because when she says no,
or stop.....I stop. About a year and 8 months ago, she
had a sexual affair with a true asshole. True assholes
APPEAR to girls like my S/O to be dominate. They are
not, they just do or say what ever it takes to get
laid. I caught her fairly early into the affair, in
fact right from the start I knew. The last time she
say him, he raped her twice. And she still got aroused
by the thought of seeing him. She still gets
'craving's' to this day.
(I have no idea why I've stayed with her this long. I
do love her, though. And, I am leaving her.)

Why the hell am I telling you all this? Very simple. I
don't want to screw up again. I don't want to fail
another lady, such as yourself. If I'm going to get
into a relationship, short term or long term, it
dosen't matter, I want to be prepared to do what I'm
needed to do.

If it's that I might harm you, the solution is the
attachment to this email. What it is is a scan of my
drivers license, enlarged for easy reading, archived
and password encoded. When you decide to physically
meet with me, I'll give you the password. If something
did happen, old Honestinwb automatically gets to be a

If it's the last thing, don't say anything. I'll
pursue you, "capture" you, and we'll do all those
nasty things you want. But careful, when I'm with
someone, no  means I stop what ever I'm doing.

I'm seriously horny, and lonely.

If it's one of the other things, or something else,
let me know and we can still do this email thing.

I apologize if I brought you down. I really want to
continue with you. I promise this will be my last
serious email to you.


Ok! after reading this... I realized I have gone way too far!  Then again maybe not.... in a strange way... i think of him as a friend.  I know i'm fucked up huh? hahahaha  I almost went to find that weekender he jerked off on to take a pic of it...I could frame it! hahaha But that is a little too gross even for me.
But they guy sent me an encrypted exe file.  Maybe I should just try to crack it to find out who our mystery man is!

Now the 3rd email.....

Oh your knees, whore

So, OK. They are the pictures you sent me.
I cleaned them up a bit, and I'm pretty proud at the
What do you think?
It took me a while 'cause a had to masturbate after
each one. 8^>

I'm working on a little surprise for you. (e-mail
surprise, I mean.)

If you took those with a web cam, those things need a
lot of light. If you can use some extra light, you'll
probably get less artifacts (that fuzzy white

Your story is preceding nicely. First draft is done.
Oh my god, were you NASTY. :^0

Erect And Ready
Your Master
(XXX) XXX XXXX   If she answers, be a job offer.

Ut oh......I got a phone number now.   So I had to sit and think for a while after this one.  My next email was a little strange...  I'm trying to end this nicely..yet still making him want me more...


Well...Things are getting a bit serious here too fast.  I am sure you have noticed this too.   There is that part of me that wants to call you up and tell you to come over here right now to tie me up and fuck me.  Then there is that other part of me that tells me not to do it.   You are not the only one confused about this.

As of right now...don't let me stop you from seeking other women.  I do not want to be the one to hold you back due to my fear of going after my true sexual desires.  I know right now if I make this jump... I can't go back. I will want it all...  A confession that I need to make is that...A big reason I have yet to do much with bondage and submission is because I know I would get sucked into the life style.   It would be come more than a fetish for me...a life.

But I still want us to continue to tease one another and tell eachother what we want and what we would do.  This I am not ready to stop yet.  I see you as a friend right now...someone on the same page as myself.  I think you see me as the same, but I could be very wrong about this.

Now you asked what I did for a living... well..I work with computers and from your file and the photos you fixed up for me... I can tell you are no stranger to a computer either.  So what is it that you did?

As for being naughty at work... no one knows the wiser.  no toys...just fingers.  Sometimes fingers are the best thing to use.  and YES I do taste myself everytime.

If you do find yourself a new play toy and we do not end up meeting right away... I would love for you to tell me everything and share with me what you make her do.  I feel as if I have almost reversed the role on you.  Me the Mistress and you my slut.  If you sit and think about it... I have you rather worked up and yet another fantasy was to have a man that I could make do what I want to another woman.   For right now..let me live my fantasy thru you.

When you mentioned about masturbating on the weekender in the parking garage..I almost wanted to go find it.  That is something I made happen. :) I like it when you tell me that you masturbated thinking about me.

I can't wait to read your story!!  I'm will have me wet and
wanting to play.  If if we did ever end up with one another...yes I would let you share me with other men!

Well this email will be short... I have much to think about.  But don't take it as a rejection of any type... just me with female emotions that can't even be explained by a know how it goes...


So I wasn't sure what he would write after that one...but I did get a reply and he is still hopeful that I will be with him as his little slut.  Damn I have this man hooked!


I hope that I haven't caused you any undue pain. It
wasn't my intention to cause you any more confusion
than you might have already felt. To be honest, I
hadn't considered that you may be questioning your
feelings, or your desires.
I told you I wasn't into inflicting pain. At the time,
it was in reference to physical pain, but emotional
pain is just as real and scaring. The thought of
hurting you in anyway is disturbing to me. In future,
I promise not to make these types of mistakes again.

Here's the part where you tell me I'm not to blame,
and I shouldn't feel any guilt. True, you are an
adult, and yes you could have thrown that note away.
But I put it there, and I opened the door to the
possibility  of making your secret desires a reality.
Allow me to accept this responsibility. It'll give you
one less thing to kick yourself about, and it'll make
me feel a little less angry at myself. Anyway, I'm
supposed to do the spanking here, so take off those
kickn' boots.

I know you will anyway, please keep my number. Not
because I hope you'll call me over in a moment of
weakness, because I don't want you that way. But
because you called me friend, that felt good. You
don't deserve to feel alone. Even if you just need to
hear a friendly voice, that would be fine by me. I
promise never to take advantage of you when all you
need is to talk.

I once joked about you being psychic. Well I am. Sort
So, as a friend I just want to point out a couple of
things that you already know, deep down. I hope it
helps you to make healthy choices for yourself.
First, there is nothing to jump into, and nothing to
go back to. You are who you are. That may very well
mean that your fantasies are simply fantasies. If
someone you love very much just isn't completing you,
then it's because your pushing yourself into a mold to
please them. Don't do that for me, and back in
Vanilla-land, don't do that for anyone else. I've been
doing that for 10 years, believe me, it's not good.
If sometime in the future you decide to go with your
desires, I may not even be your type, it maybe with
someone else. But I would be honored to be the one you
felt safe with. If it turns out your life as it is now
is who you really are, and you want me gone, then I'm
gone. If things are just right the way they are now,
and it stays fun to flirt and tease over the 'net,
then I'll be here, one-finger-joeing the keyboard to
death for as long as it's fun for you.

As for me and other women, I think I'll just wait and
see what you want. Unless you find that a turn-on.

And yes, I do see you as a friend, one I'd very much
like to keep. Except for realizing the problems I've
caused you, I haven't felt this good in a long, looong

I'm sorry for throwing the skunk into your life.
And I'm glad you still want to write me. I hope you
are still my little whore.
Enough of this serious shit....

Well, I was a line cook. I grew-up a line cook, thats
what my dad did. I've worked middle management in the
food service industry (I was an assistant manager at
several fast food places.). Most recently I worked in
production. Factories, warehousing, that sort of
thing. For 18 months I was a stay-at-home          .

So, what did you think of the job I did on those
pictures? I think they came out pretty good
considering the (mechanical, not you) source.
I'd love to see more pictures of you, maybe you could
do sort of a solo show for me, if you know what I
mean.  I'm sorry I haven't sent you any of myself. I'm
just afraid I may be a big turn-off for you. I'm not
big in the ego department, as you may have noticed.
But if you asked, I would.
Yah, I kind of know a little about computers. It's not
my field, but it is an interest of mine. Usually
something catches my fancy, I find out how its done,
and do it. I generally get very good at whatever I
try. wink,wink, nudge,nudge, say no more.

You don't need to 'make' me do anything. Ask. I'll
find someone and she'll be your remote toy. She'll
experience every indignity you suggest. Then you'ld
hear all about it in detail. Maybe even see it on
video, you have a DVD? You could still be my
submissive slut, and call the shots at times. You know
what a dungeon-girl is?

So you like it when I work you up so bad, you need to
relieve yourself at work? Are you orgasmic by
yourself? How about with a partner?
And you taste yourself every time. Women are my
favorite flavor, it must be especially tasty when it's
from your own garden.

At the Grotto, you know where I mean?, it is always
brightly lite. Sitting front and center. I didn't give
much thought as to where I was. I just imagined you
kneeling between my legs in that school girl skirt of
yours. On hand firmly planted in your 'spank me'
panties. Your other hand furiously pumping a gush of
semen all over your face. God, I wish you were really
there. (When I was proofing this paragraph I suddenly
thought of Forrest Gump. Damned if I know why.)
You want to hear something funny? The have security
cameras there, and I forgot about them. One day, I'm
going to be walking through the adult section of some
video store, and I'm going to see myself on the box of
some 'Caught-On-Tape' video!
If I ever do the parking garage thing again, maybe
I'll leave you a special present hidden somewhere.
Wow, thats some visual, you rummaging around the
bushes for a cum soaked paper! Just what would you do
with such a thing?
If my masturbating in honor of you makes you hot,
listen to this. I NEVER masturbated until I started to
write you. You're the one that got me going. You don't
have to believe it for it to be true.

The story is almost complete. I have to leave it for a
day or 2 'cause my S/O is getting all luvy-duvy and
pretty much gets in my way.
Has it already been 2 months since I got laid? Well
she's in for a big disappointment this time.

Praying for you,

Okie dokie now ....Let stake a look at all of this.  His other half found out about me.  He isn't all that worried.  He has to be jerking off to the thought of me at least 5 times a far he has told me of two in a public place.   I have the man hooked!  I reversed the  role and he is my little slut.   I'm sure I could tell him I wanted him to jerk off in the square downtown and he would....   hahahahaha   Oh man... I am an evil bitch.

UPDATE!!! May 3, 2005

Ok folks...yes I haven't updated in a while.   The Good story has finally ended.   I can't keep up the lies anymore!  Besides..a buddy oh pal of mine is now emailing him.  Even if she won't admit it.... I know it is you :P  Can't put too much past me. 

So let me sum up the whole ending of events here for ya...

I was coming into work on friday and found yet another note from our friend on the trashcan ouside my building.  All I could do was laugh when I saw it sitting there.   I knew what it was and didn't even have to read it.   This note was a bit differnt tho... saying that after May 1st he would no longer be checking the email address. now it is over!!  on to the next victim!


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