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So what is Bettyism?
It is the Church of Betty...or Bettyism.  For all of your religious folks
it is just me being some religious ICON!

What  is all involved in the Church of Betty?
Just worship me!  Betty!  For I am your goddess!

Yeah I know...i'm full of shit right?  worship me?  CrzyBettyJones?  My word! Who would want to do such a thing?
Who would come up with this silly idea?  Trust me... it wasn't all me.  It was you!  My dedicated followers.  

Ages ago....the people rose up and decided to worship Betty.  They prayed to me for wisdom, sexual gratification, riches and enlightenment.
What was I do to but provide such things!  

I am Rev Crzy Betty Jones!  Hear me speak my gospel!!!

The Rules of Bettyism
  • Never Cross Betty!   Or she will kick your ass
 That is it... there is nothing more to know!    If you worship and love Betty... She will treat you (her little bettyphiles) GOOD!

Betty's Wisdom

"When you come to a fork in the road take a look behind you.   If  the fuzz is on your ass and within site It doesn't matter what road you take.  They will get you.  However, if you see no one behind you... take your time.  Feel out the forks in the road.  now don't feel them too much...but just enough to get a good feel for what path you want to take next."

"Never worry about how loud you are during sex...for there is always going to be someone much louder than you"

"Jumping through hoops will get you nowhere"

"Eat Lots of JELL-O and try to avoid the toilet water"
The Bettyphiles

Meet Frank!!!!  A loyal worshiper!

Franks Bio!

What I love about Betty and Bettyism:

1. The gleam of mischief in Betty's eyes that's offset by her open friendly smile.

2. The extra attention we worshippers get for giving Betty sappy compliments.

3. The wisdom Betty provides is invaluable. (Just look up the advice on forks in the roads!)

4. She'll get you up on Sundays, but you don't have to go to church (if ya know what I mean.)

5. It's just a pretty good gig. Try it. You'll be converted faster than a - there! you're hooked already!

If you would like to be a bettyphile just send me an email with your photo and tell me why you love Betty and Bettyism.


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