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Betty's Hobbies

So yeah I have many hobbys!   Molesting midgets,  stalking the homeless.   However, one of my favorite ones would be personal ads!!!  So with this... I made one for Herman my Butt plug!   Check  out his personal ad.  Herman The Butt Plug's Personal Ad

Now due to I spend way tooo much time online I run into all kinds of crazy people.   3 years ago one such person had a bet with a friend he needed to win.  The bet... to have a total stranger throw a pie in his face and then cover him head to toe with shaving cream.   Now....knowing me... yes I would do such a thing.  So we covered the the kitchen in plastic...I whipped up some pudding pie and away we went!    Here are the photos of this.  Pie Pics

I did some cool pc mods to my pc!!!   The power supply went and so did a fan.... soooooooooooo this is what you can do with a mini tower, a power supply that is too big for you case and some duct tape!   My PC Mods!

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