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Betty's Advice

So here is my great and lovely advice.  You can either sit and read it or click here to listen to it.

  • When being naughty with “taken” guys always remember to have a wide variety of soap around.  You never know what brand they will need to use to wash off the evidence.
  • Try to avoid men with extreme fetishes.  I had one that had a smoking fetish and he almost got off at the site of me smoking a ciggy.  That will teach me to be a chain smoker....
  • Never go out with guys still hook on their ex girl friends.  If you do always remember the sex you have with them will never be as good as the sex they had with their ex girlfriends.  They never stick around long.
  • Laughing while having sex can be entertaining but can also cause confusion if someone is walking past the room.  Always lock the door.
  • When Fooling around with taken men it is always best to have yourself a code name.  How do you think I became known as Betty?
  • It is a good idea to nick name the men in your life.   Kinda like your own code name it keeps things simple and safe.
  • If a guy is willing to be seen in outside with you in the daylight he is a keeper, if he keeps his encounters with you under the night sky lose him.  
  • Always ask ahead of time if you are going to be a daytime friend or a nigh time friend.   
  • Watch out for the guys that like to fool around while they have free time from work.   They always tend to wake you up too early in the morning.
  • There should be a law that booty calls are from the hours of 11am - 3am .  Anything before or after that time is just not acceptable.
  • Any many that gives you a pic of themselves to remember them should be someone to try and forget.
  • Before you go out with someone write down the ways you would describe their cock and sex with them. That way you wont be caught off guard when they ask you how that was.
  • Men that try to talk dirty while having sex have no imagination of their own.  Just fuck them and make them leave.
  • In case of emergency you can always fall back on a box of popsicles.  Men always get turned on by any woman sucking on one of those.
  • Never believe any guy that tells you he really likes you.  Most of the time it is just a big lie to get you to sleep with them.
  • Just because a man goes down on you doesn't mean he is special.


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