Hmmmmm.....did you do something different with your hair???


UPDATE!!  6-6-06

Boy oh boy I suck!  Seems like I never have much to post huh?  Yeah you are probably right.   Believe it ot not....but I am a rather dull and boring gal most of the time.  I really haven't had many had too many crazy adventures lately.   I did however fix the A/C in my new car .  yeah...that was a treat!  They tell me...yes that will be 600$ because a rock hit the condenser!  sooo sorry!  Soooo screw the mechanic... I fixed it myself.  :)

Now as for updates.   I did some new rants in the Betty's Rants section.  I will be adding more shortly.   

Also I added a  Random Stuff section.  I sit around all day at work looking at these goofy websites.  I figured I would share them with you.   Make sure to check them out.  Some very good stuff there.

Ummmm....Ohhh yeah... I found some more Midgets stuff.  I even found a video that just may be the asian midgets I have been in search off.   Midget Thaiboxing

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